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Picture this: It’s the year 2030. Drones deliver packages to your doorstep, and Artificial Intelligence has drastically changed how we live.  

What’s more, the world’s population has grown to over 9 billion people, and the demand for food is at an all time high. 

Global competition for critical minerals is fierce. Phosphate products, which are essential to our state, our country, and our planet—have become one of the world’s most important resources after water.

Get the picture?

Fortunately, America has a stable, secure source for essential crop nutrients: Florida. 


Farmers know that to grow healthy crops to feed a healthy world, they need phosphate products—and Florida is home to more than half of all domestically sourced phosphate products. 


Simply put: Florida is essential to securing domestic food production and America’s ability to grow more food on less land and feed our future population. 

“Food security means national security.”

Food security means national security. It also means economic stability in a changing world. Without Florida phosphate, America would still need crop nutrients, but would be forced to rely on foreign nations to feed our families. 

The Phosphate Innovation Initiative is working to ensure that future dinner tables will be filled with American food, from American farmers, grown with American phosphate products.