It’s Time to Stop Stacking PG -
and Start Using It!

The innovative potential for PG use presents a new opportunity for sustainable economic growth. When mixed with existing road base materials, PG can be used to build essential infrastructure like roads and bridges. It’s a win-win for the environment and economy, too. Infrastructure built with existing stockpiles of PG reduces the need to obtain new raw materials from the environment.


By The Numbers:



Tons of PG stacked in the U.S.



New tons produced each year



Of PG made per ton of phosphate product produced

20+ Countries
Already Use PG

Globally, over 20 countries have acknowledged the innovative potential of PG. If they can do it, so should the United States.

Embracing PG innovation guarantees an essential domestic industry’s future and continued employment for thousands of Americans for years to come.

It is time to view stacking PG as a last resort rather than a first option and finally put it to sustainable use.


Federal PG Use Approval History

In 2019, The Fertilizer Institute, a DC-based industry trade group, petitioned EPA to authorize PG for use in roadways. EPA initially approved the petition in October 2020, but then paused approval for reevaluation upon the change in administrations in 2021. Their evaluations remain ongoing.

Florida Should:


for future EPA approval.


the Florida Department of Transportation to test the suitability of PG For use as road base.