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How can phosphate innovation help create a sustainable economy, preserve the environment, and strengthen national security? By unleashing Florida phosphate to tackle some of our country’s toughest challenges. 


Here are 3 phosphate innovations that everyone should know about:


Affordable Electric Vehicles; Phosphate’s New Role


EVs are good for the environment, and phosphate will help put more of them on the road. With more Americans driving EV’s than ever before, auto makers are looking for ways to slash battery costs and make them more affordable. Lithium-ion batteries, the decades old and expensive standard, are giving way to cheaper Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries made with phosphate that is more readily available.


Home-Grown Resource for Critical Technologies


Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are essential for everything from renewable energy to defense and smartphones. Instead of relying on foreign competitors for REEs, scientists are developing new methods to extract them from PG. Over 200,000+ tons of REEs potentially sit in Florida’s gypstacks, offering a domestic solution for these critical components.


Using PG to Build Essential Infrastructure


When mixed with existing road base materials, PG can be used to help build essential infrastructure like roads and bridges. Infrastructure built with existing stockpiles of PG reduces the need to obtain new raw materials from the environment, and supports a more sustainable economy. We call that a “win-win.”

The Bottom Line:


Phosphate innovations are unlocking new, domestic sources for essential components America needs to fuel our economy and preserve our environment for future generations.

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